Event management - Real Events
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Seminars & Conferences

As internal and external communication is essential for a company, we will catch and analyze your needs so that your guidelines are respected and transcribed.
Thanks to a strong international experience with multinationals, international or local companies from different industries,

We will create and realize, together, your event.

To convey your strategies or ideas you want to share with your employees, clients, distributors or suppliers, we will suggest you many different ways to bring your ideas to life (location, speaker, theme, technical, materials…).

We organize internal events (product & face launches, local and international communication strategy, workshops, end of year …) as well as external events (distributor conferences, workshops, training, seminars, press conferences, business tourism…).

Team Building & incentive

Enjoying new constructive, fun and fulfilling experiences with your colleagues, is possible!

Within each business, each department, each team, management is primordial.

Your colleagues’ team spirit and motivation can be boosted in different ways:

team building (outdoor, indoor), workshops, speakers, training, travelling (Switzerland and International location)…

Catching and understanding your needs is our priority, we will build for you a targeted and effective action plan.

Corporate Parties

Originality and creativity are key words to shape a successful evening.
Let Real-Events draw an exceptional night for you.

As every corporate parties must be original and unique, we will, together, elaborate a personalized concept. We will make the event memorable and a real success for all your guests.

Theme parties, gala dinners, Year-end parties, Christmas parties, board dinners…